July 30, 2018


We specialise in maximising the value in the short-term gas markets. Combining a data-driven approach with an efficient setup that integrates trading and dispatching, we are well-positioned to capture opportunities and restore energy balances close to delivery. We trade 24/7/365 and constantly grow our market presence within natural gas.

A leader in short-term power trading and cross-border power trading, Group Mineralix Kft uses its unrivalled European-wide market presence to capture opportunities and bring electricity to the highest yielding markets.

We try to believe that a strong culture is the greatest source of competitive advantage, and a company’s culture is the responsibility of the leadership.

This is why we have developed five management principles:

  1. Set clear expectations and ambitious targets
  2. Follow up on performance and give feedback frequently
  3. Acknowledge, stretch and reward key players
  4. Develop low performers
  5. Celebrate our successes

The principles are firmly incorporated in the way we think and practice leadership every day. They guide management in ensuring a winning culture. For the benefit of our company, our people and our business partners

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